Been a long vacation . . .

So to speak. I decided I might crank up the blog again after quite a long hiatus. Although there’s not been too much doing in the last couple of years.

Much. I Finally got going once more on Colossus: The Bathroom Project which has been (literally!) ten years in the making. I’ve also started in on the final largeish bit of the flower gardens hardscaping I want to do, that being the patio planned for in front of the decks. I’ve created two flower garden extensions, one to the Copse, and one to the Deck Border. Both of them are a bit on the bare side at the moment I’m afraid as I slowly find my way forward to flowers and shrubs that will do decently well and fit the mostly non-existent plan. The Copse and Deck Border drip irrigation has been re-done although now they need extending, and I’ve just started building replacement, and hopefully the last raised bed boxes for the veg garden. I haven’t even had a veg garden for the last couple of years which, as it turns out is probably a good thing as I was laid up for half of last summer (2017) with gout. I seem to have that sorted now though and am trying to make up for lost time.

No more bees, unfortunately. One hive just didn’t have the population it needed to stay warm in a severe spring cold snap, and we really aren’t sure what killed the other one although we suspect that they had too much population when that same cold snap hit and not enough resources when we, as novice beekeepers weren’t paying as much attention as we should’ve been.

We are talking about re-opening and putting the old drilled well back into service so that we will not be caught out if we have a repeat of the severe drought of autumn 2016 when there was no rain for almost two and a half months. That’s unheard of for here.