The Bar Progresses

Work on the bar goes apace. I work on this thing almost every day, although not all day long. Piddle at it really. I will say one thing, I love, love, love, my Kreg pocket screw jig. I’ve made cabinets before, although a very long time ago, but those were traditional mortise and tenon. Not that I’m dissing that method you understand, but it’s more at home in fine woodworking rather than in a utilitarian cabinet. For that the pocket screw joinery is just fine, and about 110% faster. I can have the parts cut to fit and the frame put together in about an hour or less. It does wonders for my sanity.

This is the area that’s actually behind the bar. The little cabinet that will be below the “backbar” isn’t all that deep, and the shelves can’t be that far apart even being adjustable, but I think it’ll probably be enough room to store glasses perhaps. I’m sure I’ll find something to store there. The face frames haven’t been permanently attached here, I’m just trying them on for size, so to speak. There’s going to be a counter outlet above that, along with two outlets on the right side just under the bar itself.


I stained this bit to see what it’s going to look like. I’m pleased with it. That’s actually two cabinets, I’ve designed it so that the end cabinet can be detached and pulled out at some future time should someone (not me!) wish to. It’s sized so that an undercounter fridge or one of the smaller kegerators or wine fridges can fit the space.


The Ongoing Bar

Original Sketchup Design

I am finally, finally getting started on the bar “for real”. I’ve gotten most of the pieces cut for the cabinetry carcases. I’m using birch veneer plywood for that since I want the interior to be a lighter color than the face frames and doors which will be oak stained the same color as the wainscoting. I think the lighter color will help the contents to show up better. I’m tentatively planning on making the countertop from black granite tile, “Black Galaxy” if it’s not too expensive. Another option is to simply use the grey and white marble I already have that’s been taking up space in my shop for the last 10 years. I had originally planned to use that on the fireplace before changing my mind and using tile instead. The main drawbacks of marble is that compared to granite it’s rather delicate and prone to staining. I could probably get away with it on the bar though, as I don’t suppose it will see as much use as the kitchen counters, and sealing it well and using a cutting board would probably take care of these issues.

"In the Beginning . . . "


It looks pretty pitiful at the moment. It’s been like this for some months, or really (insert redface here) a couple of years. I got sort of sidetracked with the bedroom project and just didn’t feel good about working on this while the bedroom was all torn up.

We’re cooking with gas now though!